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Most houses with three or four bedrooms have a 1,000 gallon septic tank. We charge $425.00 per one thousand gallons. An additional charge of $50 is added if hand digging is required to access the septic tank. In the extremely rare occurrence that the support of a backhoe is required, we will suspend the effort as your approval to continue will be required.

State and local jurisdictions require pumping of your septic tank a minimum of every 5 years; should your system experience a higher volume of use, this frequency should be increased to every 3 years. If so equipped, the Pump Chamber should be cleaned every other time that the septic tank is serviced.

Yes! All Star is certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Professional & Occupational Regulation (DPOR). Certifications through this entity include a Class C Contractor's license with SDS Specialty as well as certifications for the Operation of both Alternative and Conventional Septic Systems. In addition, All Star is licensed by the Virginia Department of Health through the local Health Department in the counties of our operation.

YES! In many Virginia counties and in most sales contracts, the septic system must be inspected and approved by a certified entity, such as All Star Septic. We are certified to perform evaluations of conventional systems.

The type and timeliness of the inspection is critical to an effective “closing” of your sale or purchase. Please see our REAL ESTATE tab for details on this service and the protocol to be followed.

All Star Septic is your complete source for septic and waste system services in the Virginia Hunt Country and surrounding counties of Northern Virginia. We specialize in pumping, repairs & inspections of both residential and commercial system configurations.

Reach out to All Star Septic today to request an estimate on your septic system needs, from services to repairs.

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