Septic Services

Septic & Waste System Service in Northern Virginia

All Star Septic is your complete source for septic and waste system services in the Virginia Hunt Country and surrounding counties of Northern Virginia. We specialize in pumping, repairs & inspections of both residential and commercial system configurations.

Septic Tank Maintenance Services

In Virginia, state and local jurisdictions require pumping of your septic tank a minimum of every 5 years; should your system experience a higher than normal volume of use, this frequency should be increased to every 3 years. If so configured, the Pump Chamber should be cleaned every other time that the septic tank is serviced.
If your septic tank is equipped with an effluent filter, All Star recommends cleaning this component every 6 months. Our technicians will be glad to put you on a regular schedule at a frequency determined proper for your volume of use.

Septic System Service & Repair

All Star Septic provides repair and replacement for every component of your system. When cast iron Sewer & Conveyance Pipes, Septic Tank Stub-tees, Surge Boxes or Distribution Boxes have deteriorated or become physically damaged, All Star can expeditiously effect the repair/replacement of the damaged hardware.

In addition to bringing your system into compliance with current health department code, manhole with risers and covers can be installed to provide ready access to your septic tank. This cuts down on labor costs associated with digging and tank location efforts. These savings can be substantial when timely tank evaluation is required for emergency service, or even during the performance of routine pumping and maintenance. Manhole covers are green and installed nearly flush to ground level so as not to adversely affect the visual characteristic of your lawn.
Effluent filters may be added to your tank as well to prohibit the introduction of flow inhibiting solids into the distribution box and drainfield.

All Star provides Pump Chamber service for each assembly and subassembly contained therein, including replacement of pumps, pump & alarm control panels, float switches, camel locks and gate valves.

If you do not have a manhole on your Septic Tank, All Star utilizes the Rigid SeeSnake® sewer camera to locate your tank and Distribution Box with minimal or no physical damage to your yard. This tool is also useful in assessing the clarity of your drainfield lines once the Distribution Box is located and uncovered.

All Star provides Jettison Cleaning of your lateral drainfield lines can remove mud and/or sludge buildup allowing proper absorption of the leech field. This action can help to prohibit and/or remedy surface ponding of effluent on your Drainfield.

For any repairs requiring Health Department permits, we can walk you easily through the steps required to submit such applications and secure permits in a timely manner.

Commercial Waste Material Services

Our commercial customers rely on All Star for pumping of grease traps in restaurants and convenience stores. Also serviced are municipal storm drains, sewage drains and sand pits. Our technicians can perform regular service on a monthly, quarterly, or bi-yearly basis, depending on your needs. Of course, emergency service is always available.

Septic System Certified Inspection

Real estate transactions often require a pumping of the septic tank, an inspection of the distribution box, and an assessment of the drain field. Our inspection personnel are certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia's Department of Professional & Occupational Regulation (DPOR) and the National Sanitation Foundation (N.S.F.) to inspect both conventional and alternative septic systems. Click on the REAL ESTATE tab at the top of this page for further details.

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